Beach Prep & Beach Safety for Spring Break

Spring break is here, and many students and families are heading to the Fort Lauderdale beaches for the trip of a lifetime. Fort Lauderdale is an enchanting place to spend spring break with its premium location on The Florida Gold Coast. However, preparing for a fun and safe time on the beach is essential. Latitude Key Vacations put together this guide on crucial beach prep and safety tips. We also have an impressive selection of luxury vacation rentals in the best Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods. Book the spring break beach trip of your dreams today with Latitude Key Vacations!

Top 5 Prep & Safety Tips for the Ultimate Beach Spring Break

1. Take Swimming Lessons Before Your Spring Break Beach Trip

The first spring break beach safety tip is to ensure everyone in your group is a strong swimmer. Drowning can happen quickly and without a lot of splashing. The Red Cross has swimming lessons for adults and youth of all ages and skill levels. However, always swim with others, regardless of your age and swimming abilities. No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, you can never predict any potential hazards.

2. Beware of Rip Currents During Your Spring Break Beach Trip

Learn the signs of a rip current and how to survive if caught in one. A rip current is when the tidal water moves quickly under the beach surface. Some signs of rip currents are foam and debris being pulled from shore, a difference in water color, a choppy and churning water channel, and dark and calmer water between breaking waves. If you’re caught in a rip current, don’t swim against it to the shore. You may be able to escape it by swimming parallel to the shore.

3. Prepare for Potential Beach Hazards

Prepare for any potential hazards during your spring break beach trip. Some things to prepare for are changing tides, unexpected drop-offs, bad weather, marine wildlife, and other people’s activities, such as boating. If you hear thunder and lightning, get out of the water immediately. If you can’t get out of the water immediately in a boat, seek shelter in the cabin or lie down.

4. Water and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Alcohol and swimming don’t mix well. Fort Lauderdale has a booming nightlife scene to enjoy, but wait until you’re done swimming to enjoy it. Most adult deaths associated with water recreation involve alcohol. 

5. Protect Your Skin During Your Spring Break Beach Trip

Remember your sun protection while enjoying the beach sun during spring break! Your sunscreen should be applied at least every two hours, water-resistant, broad spectrum, and have an SPF rating of at least 30. It’s also crucial to use reef safe sunscreen to protect the Fort Lauderdale marine life. Most of the local surf/beach shops only sell reef safe sunscreen and you can check out this list of the best reef-safe sunscreen in 2023. Other ways to protect yourself from the sun are UPF swimwear, UV sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats. 

Please keep the Fort Lauderdale beaches a wonderful place for spring breakers and marine life by using recycling and trash bins instead of littering!

Enjoy the spring break beach trip of a lifetime by booking your stay with Latitude Key Vacations!

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