The Ultimate Miami to Fort Lauderdale Road Trip

The drive from Miami, FL, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, may be short, but it is packed with unbelievable sights and adventure. The drive from Miami to Fort Lauderdale gives you the ultimate tour of the Gold Coast that got its nickname from the massive amount of wealth in this area. Some upcoming January events in Fort Lauderdale you don’t want to miss are the Las Olas Art Fair and the Visit Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival.

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Top 3 Stops From Miami to Fort Lauderdale

  1. The Anne Kolb Nature Center: Get out and stretch your legs from the Miami to Fort Lauderdale drive at this lovely nature center. Explore the Mangrove wetland blooming with unique plants and wildlife.
  2. Hard Rock Stadium: Take a break from driving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to look at the home of the Miami Dolphins. 
  3. Aventura Mall: This mall has stunning architecture and is a great spot to stop between Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Shop a premium selection of luxury boutiques, stores, world-class artwork, dining, and more at this breathtaking mall.

3 Tips for the Ideal Gold Coast Road Trip

  1. Although there is a short distance from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, you still want to ensure you have a good night of sleep before the drive. You’ll want enough rest to enjoy all the road trip fun as well as be an attentive driver.
  2. Make sure everyone in your  road trip crew gets a chance to play their favorite tunes by creating a playlist ahead of time. Have everyone put their song requests in the playlist and hit shuffle for a great variety of tunes to jam out to! 
  3. Make the most of your journey from Miami to Fort Lauderdale by picking out your stops ahead of time. We’ve provided some recommendations above, but you can look at Google Maps to find more.

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